Our first double-deck bus. Incorporating all the features you love from our previous work.

One of OMSIs most advanced buses - with the featureset to back it. The 400MMC brings together regional and London variants for the best of both worlds, a new advanced ticket machine all in one great performing bus!

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Heritage Collection

£12.79 €14.95 $14.99

£12.79 €14.95 $14.99

Steam Aerosoft (Key)

Our first double-deck bus - expertly perfected over the years.

One of the most common modern buses in the real-world, recreated for you to enjoy in OMSI for years to come. 3 years worth of updates, and constantly taking on customer feedback to further enhance and fine-tune the experience - the 400MMC is a solid bus.


  • 23 integral variants
  • 7 Scania variants
  • 5 dual door regional variants
  • 1 dual door London variant
  • Unique vehicle characteristics - no 2 variants ever drives the same
  • Intricate unique systems to immerse yourself in the simulation
  • Tried and tested LED displays
  • Highly-detailed Ticketer ticket machine
  • Custom forcefeedback handling scripts
  • Future updates include:

    None planned at present.

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