The Studio Polygon 400 MMC is a low-floor double-deck bus produced since 2014. It is available on a variety of chassis to suit different requirements. Options include various lengths, engines, gearbox, seating and more. This DLC pack includes a highly detailed rendition of the real bus.


  • High customisability - Setvar system allows for each repaint to be unique, with variations such as the ticket machine types, assault shield, wheels, seating and more!
  • High detail and accuracy - Using many man-hours of research, this addon has gone through many iterations to bring you a life-like experience
  • Realistic operation of each variation
  • Custom displays based on the Hanover displays system in the UK
  • Fully functional and advanced Ticketer ticket machine, currently the most advanced UK ticket machine in OMSI – officially licensed by Ticketer UK
  • Realistic sounds recorded from various real-life counterparts
  • Random and dynamic events, like rubbish spawns, VOR slips, and a wheelchair assistance alarm
  • Complete intricate systems, such as start stop, fully functional dash screens, and many more!
User Manual London Manual Regional Manual Branding Patch

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