Your new favourite bus - in a handy 3-step installer.

The feature list is endless. With over 20 variants, 100 customisability options, 3 engine sound sets, all-new flipdot displays, new ticket machines, and a free highly detailed repaint pack created by some of the communities best repainters - the Studio Polygon Renown is a bus worth buying!

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£17.99 €20.80 $21.50

£17.99 €20.80 $21.50

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Your new favourite bus - the all-new Studio Polygon Renown

An iconic 90s bus, little automation, maximum simulation. 3 years in development, 1000s of hours developing from the ground up, with brand new techniques, a simple e-commerse store that takes seconds to buy, and a repaint pack like no other.


  • 20 single door variants, and counting
  • 2 dual door variants
  • 3 unique soundsets recorded from real-life counterparts
  • Unique vehicle characteristics - no 2 variants ever drives the same
  • Intricate unique systems to immerse yourself in the simulation
  • Tried and tested LED displays
  • Highly versatile and detailed flipdot displays
  • Immersive and all-new rollerblind displays
  • 2 brand new, highly-detailed ticket machines
  • Custom forcefeedback handling scripts
  • and so much more coming in the future...
  • Future updates include:

    New variants requested by you, trainer variants and further product enhancements. No timeframe is provided at current, however, you can keep up with the progress in our Discord server or Facebook page.

    Don't forget the repaint pack!

    Introducing our first repaint pack. Over 50 high-quality repaints, now included for free, in just a few clicks.

    There's no need to trawl through online forums to find a repaint anymore - the Studio Polygon Renown has almost 50 repaints to suppliment in this free pack.

    Repaints include Firstbus, Stagecoach, Go North East, Oxford Bus Company, Mainline, and many more!

    With thanks to Blockybus, DefinitelyNotAaron, GZ11, Luca, and Myles for all their hard work that has gone into recreating these high-quality repaints.

    To install the repaint pack, you will need at least 12GB of free storage space available on your Windows drive.

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    Have you considered?


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