The Studio Polygon Gemini was a low-entry double-decker bus body build on the Volvo B7/B9TL chassis by Wrightbus in Ballymena, Northern Ireland. This DLC pack includes a highly detailed rendition of the real bus.


  • Volvo B7TL variants
  • Volvo B9TL variants
  • Regional single door variants
  • Regional dual door variants
  • London dual door variants
  • Over 20 customisability options
  • Immersive soundsets recorded from various real life counterparts
  • Unique vehicle simulations meticulously recreated to match real-world operaion
  • High detail Hanover Displays simulation
  • High detail rollblinds simulation with operational rolling mechanisms
  • 3 highly detailed ticket machines
  • Smart AI simulation
  • and so much more!

£13.50 Available soon