Your new favourite double-decker bus - in a handy 3-step installer.

The feature list is endless. With plenty of variants, lots of customisability options, multiple engine sound sets, and a free highly detailed repaint pack created by some of the communities best repainters - the Studio Polygon Gemini is a bus worth buying!

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Coming soon

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Your new favourite double-decker bus - the all-new Studio Polygon Gemini

A stable and one of the most common UK buses, expertly simulated. 2 years in development and counting, 1000s of hours developing from the ground up. One of the most anticipated buses for OMSI 2 expertly created to provide the most accurate and realistic drive.


  • Volvo B7TL and Volvo B9TL chassis options
  • 3 dashboard options
  • Flipdot and LED displays
  • Various seating options
  • Fully functional dashboard screens
  • Intricate unique systems to immerse yourself in the simulation
  • Updated Ticketer ticket machine
  • Multiple soundset options recorded from real-life counterparts
  • Countless setvars to tailor your experience
  • Gasket and bonded window options
  • Various operator specifications
  • Coming Soon

    Further information and more features will become available as and when they are added. The above feature list is not exhaustive of the final product offering.

    Coming soon!

    The Studio Polygon Gemini is still in development and as such, a release date is not yet available. To avoid speculation, we post regular updates in our Discord Server, and will announce a release when it's available. The more frequent the updates - the closer to release!

    To keep up-to-date with the development of the Gemini, head on over to our Discord!

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