The Studio Polygon Lite is based on Wright Streetlites in the real world. The Wright Streetlite is a low-floor midibus introduced by Wrightbus in 2010.

v1.2 of the Studio Polygon Lite brings together the best of what everyone loved from all 2 prior versions. It also introduces 8 new London variants specifically designed for the Addon London DLC.


  • 8 regional single door variants
  • 8 London spec dual door variants
  • 1 hybrid electric variant
  • Over 40 customisability options
  • Unique vehicle systems meticulously recreated to match real-world operation
  • High detail Hanover Displays simulation
  • Advanced Ticketer ticket machine recreated 1:1 with real life
  • Immersive audio from over 5 different real world Streetlites
  • Custom handling scripts
  • Smart AI simulation
  • and so much more!
User Manual London Manual Regional Manual

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